Beach House is an award-winning, woman-owned, strategic beauty and lifestyle communications agency. We specialize in one thing and one thing only: building beauty and wellness lifestyle brands.

Why? It’s our unfaltering passion. We understand millennial and gen x women and what they want -- after all, we’re a creative agency comprised entirely of them -- and the unique set of communication needs exclusive to this segment.

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Born over 14 years ago from a luxury house situated in the sands of Newport Beach -- Beach House has always embraced luxury, style, and an elevated eye, with a passion for all things beauty since day one. Today, we are headquartered on the west coast with a talented team across Los Angeles, Newport Beach, and New York City, and offer a holistic, creative point of view that spans coast to coast.

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The Agency is intentionally small; working with the best and brightest emerging and established brands in the industry. We approach each client with a holistic communications perspective and as a partnership -- integrating our team with yours to create results that matter.

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We know the communication storylines that resonate. The aesthetics that connect. The media and tastemakers who we identify with. We ARE the eyes and ears of these women.


Fiercely, passionate, we love that perfect concealer to hide -- or contour -- it all. The fragrant candle that makes you turn your head and smile. The va-va-va-voom red lipstick that makes everyone stop and stare when you enter the room. Supplements that impart a mah-jor inner glow….and the perfect highlighter to show it off on those cheekbones. Skin so healthy it simply radiates. These are things that excite us. We then take this excitement and obsessively translate our passion into great stories, compelling content, and community.

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